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illustration of a do being whipped by a man on a horse
figure 1  


whipped dog. Beaten, or humbled.reference 1 The phrase is the embodiment of cowering in fear.

In a December 2005 column Jay Bookman, the deputy editorial page editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, fleshed out this phrase quite nicely. “Congress can now mutter “Yes, sir” and cower in its corner like a whipped dog, as it has for most of the past five years, or it can fight back to defend its institutional authority.”reference 2

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About the illustration: From Horses and Horse-Drawn Vehicles. Courtesy of Dover Publications. © 2008 Jupiterimages Corporation. 3. Grafton, Carol Belanger. 1994. Horses and Horse-Drawn Vehicles: A Pictorial Archive. New York: Dover books.
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