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unleash. To release or vent, especially in anger; to turn loose or to free from restraint, as unleashing a dog. Synonym: let loose.

It is implicit that prior to the unleashing, intense anger or energy was already present: only the leash prevented its expression. There is no need for anyone to do any siccing here; releasing the restraint is more than sufficient.





About the illustration: From the Handbook of Pictorial Symbolsreference 1 © 2008 Jupiterimages Corporation. 1. Modley, Rudolf, and William R. Myers. 1976. Handbook of Pictorial Symbols: 3,250 Examples from International Sources. New York: Dover Publications.
see also: call off the dogs; end of one's tether; on a short leash; Who let the dogs out?
cf: let the dogs out; loose the hounds; sic
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