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sweater puppies. Breasts.

This term seems to appeal largely to lecherous young men and those who wish to shock their readers. The Double-Tongued Dictionary provides a number of citations.reference 1 The one I liked best is from the Seattle Post Intelligencer. In discussing the television show Stacked reviewer Melanie McFarland states: If you don't want to be insulted like that, stop tuning in to watch Anderson's sweater puppies wiggle.reference 2 Perhaps this offers some clue as to why puppies are used as a reference: the wiggling?

On the political blog Wonkette an entry by Anonymous Lobbyist is entitled What Kind of Sweater Puppies Would You Vote For?reference 1 She is apparently fond of the wide variety of slang terms for breasts including tits, ta-tas, boobs, boobies, bazooms, chesticles, hooters…you get the picture. I wish I could say that the piece was otherwise substantive. Even so, it stands out as among the less offensive. The blog entitled Celebrity Sweater Puppies is more typical of what google nets you.

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About the illustration: Figure 1 shows the chest of a woman wearing a sweater. © 2008 Jupiterimages Corporation.
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