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purebred or pureblooded. Of unadulterated lineage.

While purebred is an antonym for mongrel, the inverse is not the case. Purebred can refer to any number of species besides dogs, though in a Google search, sites referring to dogs will outnumber those for all other animals put together.

Actress Britanny Murphy described the film Sin City as “truly a purebred noir film for the millennium.”reference 1 What exactly did she mean? Was she saying that the film has a “lineage”? If so, it is not clear how this is calculated. While critics agree that it has a “noir” look, it is not as if the director was trained by the greats of the earlier era, nor was the story from a traditional noir author. Probably what she was trying to say is that it is really really in that tradition.

In its press release to the online site, the Auto Spectator, BMW reached for the reference as it described the capabilities of one of its new models: “...the V10 reaches a speed range reserved until recently to purebred racing cars alone.”reference 2 Of course automobiles do not literally breed; however the distinction between ordinary transportation and specialized racing vehicles can easily be read as one between breeds.

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