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photograph of moon over water, moon dog animated to enlarge


moon dogs. Paraselenes. These are like sun dogs, only visible at night near the moon. They are bright rainbow-like spots that appears on either side of the moon during certain atmospheric conditions.

Les Cowley has posted a quite striking photograph of one on his web site, Atmospheric Optics. It offers a lot more detail than I have here.



1. Cowley, Les. 2000. Parhelia (Sun Dogs). Atmospheric Optics. Accessed Sept 8 2001 from http:// halo/ pmoon3.htm

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illustration of a dog on the moon wearing a space suit spacer
figure 2

Let's be honest now. How many of you, on reading the term “moon dog,” actually pictured something more like this?

About the illustrations: Figure 1 is by Martin Turner, 2001. Moon Dog and Mars over the Atlantic Ocean. Putnam Valley, New York.

Figure 2 Digitally collaged by the author.

cf: sundogs

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