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an illustration by Walt Kelly of Pogo reading a book while dog plays near by
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every day has its dog. A play on the more familiar adage, “every dog has its day.”

This phrase is attributed to Pogo, or Walt Kelly to be more precise, in a January 27, 2002 San Francisco Chronicle headline. reference 1However, much as I like the line, and happy as I would be to include Pogo, I cannot verify the citation. The article regards fictional but widely believed stories about San Francisco 's Emperor Norton and his two dogs, Bummer and Lazarus, during the nineteenth century. When I contacted the author, Lynn Ludlow, she claimed certainty about the source but could not provide anything exact.reference 2



1. Ludlow, Lynn. 2002. As Pogo Once Said: Every Day Has Its Dog. San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 27, D6.

2. Ludlow, Lynn. 2002. Re: As Pogo Once Said: Every Day Has Its Dog. to A. MacLeod.
About the illustration: This illustration is from the cover of Uncle Pogo So So Stories. The copyright to Pogo is held by Okefenokee Glee and Perloo, Inc and is used without permission. 3. Kelly, Walt. 1953. Uncle Pogo So-So Stories. New York: Simon and Schuster. cover.
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