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dog-leg claim. A claim brought by the beneficiaries of a trust against the board of directors of a trustee corporation, accusing them of breaching their duties. The basis of such a claim is that the directors are an asset of the trust and that it is their duty to benefit the trust rather than the corporation itself.reference 1 The nomenclature appears to arise because this is a strategy to get around the premise that any breach by a director or directors was committed as an agent of the company therefore the breach is by the corporation not the individual. A dog-leg is typically a term for a sharp turn, most often in the fairway of a golf hole, based on the crookedness of dogs' hind-legs, hence the getting around.

Did you get that? Thus far such claims have been exclusively in U.K. where they have largely lost. In a 1911 case the court held that “directors stand in a fiduciary relation to the company, but not to a stranger with whom the company is dealing.”reference 2 However there has been a recent spate of such cases, some of which have international implications.

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About the illustration: Figure 1 shows a rather stereotypical Board of Directors of the 20th century. © 2009 Jupiterimages Corporation.  
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