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painting of a dog in sunglasses hiding behind a bush
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doggo. In concealment.

The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first appearance of this term to an 1893 work by Rudyard Kipling: “I wud lie most powerful doggo whin I heard a shot.”reference 1 The Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang names the origin as a reference to “a trained dog's playing dead.”reference 2 Evan Morris comments that “this explanation shows a lack of experience with dogs. Dogs are natural masters of studied impassivity and need no training in the art. A dog who does not wish to be involved in a particular situation (a bath, for instance) will pretend to be asleep, and if an attempt is made to rouse it, will then pretend to be in a deep coma. No one can lie doggo as well as a dog.”reference 3 Humorous as Mr. Morris's observations are, I find his interpretation no more credible than that of the editors at Random House. Drawing on the Kipling line, I imagine the narrator cringing and cowering as shots fly: exactly the kind of submissive behavior you would expect of a dog when it is threatened.



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About the illustration: Adapted from an image that appears on a “Doggie Doormat” with the added inscription: “Dog hiding in bushes behind you. He knows you're here. Ring bell. Act as if nothing is wrong.” Shawn Shipman, artist © High Cotton, Inc. Reproduced by permission.
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