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a blue dog collar
figure 1  


dogcessory. (noun) 1. An accessory related to pets, such as collars, hair trimmers, etc.reference 1

A Santa Barbara-based sportswear company, Big Dog, sells collars and leashes as a side line to their tee shirts, golf attire, and specialty fleece. They describe their “I Love My Big Dog” collar as “The perfect dogcessory for your Big Dog.”reference 2 Okay, it might not be the most scintillating ad copy you've ever read, but you get the point.



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Lydia Hearst modeling as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, carrying 'Toto'
figure 2  

2. A dog used as a fashion accessory, akin to putting on the dog.

In a puff piece for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Gina Daugherty makes the meaning vivid: “celebs such as Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Tara Reid have been spotted on the red carpet carrying their little tufts of love. The pooches are almost a ‘dogcessory’ to match their Prada shoes and Vercace dresses.”reference 3 This usage was confirmed on the fashion blog, The Whine Sisters. After socialite Lydia Hearst modeled as Dorothy (Figure 2) in Heatherette's Oz-themed runway show during Fashion Week 2007, they added this caption to her picture: “Can you just imagine wearing that little number to the block party? Don’t forget your dogcessory.”

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About the illustrations: Figure 1 is the I Love My Big Dog Collar.

Figure 2 was the image that the Whine Sisters chose, perhaps from New York Magazine's fashion week spread. The image is from Wireimage, a subscription service. Used by subscription.

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