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a picture of six multicolored mylar devices for sealing jewel cases for cd's or dvd's: dogbones


dogbone. The small Mylar or holographic seal placed over the edge of a music or data CD as increased protection against its ever being opened.

This one is likely to be short-lived, indeed these are rarely seen anymore. Recording companies learned that consumers dislike the demanding process of opening their products. Besides who worries about the secrity of a CD anymore?




an animation of a telephone handset morphing into a bone.

dogbone or dog and bone. Telephone, especially the handset, in British and Australian slang.

This is not so common in the U.S.

About the illustrations: Figure 1 is a series of holographic seals for sale by Holographic Label Converting, Inc. Figure 2 animated by the author.
see also: bone of contention; a bone to pick; like a dog with a bone Last updated: July 25, 2012
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