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chenille (textiles). 1. A velvety rope with short threads of fiber standing out at right angles from the core which is used to decorate dresses or furniture upholstery.reference 1 2. A fabric decorated with such cords or fabric woven to simulate the effect of such decoration.

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The OED says that chenille is taken directly from the French for caterpillar (tracteur à chenilles), which in turn comes from the Latin, canicula, or dog, based on its hairy appearance.reference 2 It all seems rather roundabout. Is this really a dog term?

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About the illustration: Figure 1 shows us some fuzzy fabric courtesy of Changshu Sun-land textile Co., Ltd. They specialize in the fuzzy, manufacturing fabric for toy and slipper makers.

Figure 2 is a Fox Moth caterpillar showing its distinctive fuzziness. The image is excerpted from a photo by Jodelet/Lépinay and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

Figure 3 is a fuzzy dog, specifically Ollie, a doodle of some kind or another. Even his ball is fuzzy! Ollie's coat is more like the fabric, while the caterpillar looks more like the cord. Photograph by Keiko Lane. Used by permission.

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