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The Canine in Conversation
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author Alec MacLeod, author

Philip Dangler, comma hound.

Editorial assistance from Marguerite Crawley.

Except where specifically stated all the written material in The Canine in Conversation was written by the author, Alec MacLeod. I have done my best to cite all sources for information, images, and audio and video clips in the body of the text. Illustrations used in the preliminary pages, such as the preface, the introduction, the contents page, the sources page, etc. were collaged from images provided by license from Photographs in the dedication are family photos from the MacLeod, Crawley and Draisin families. All web site and page design are done by the author.

hounds The image in the flash animation on the title page is derived from a photograph of the Southwell Ploughing Match and Show of 2006. (http:// original hounds photo
enter The drawing of the baby crawling through the doggie door was inspired by a photograph in a Picasa web album posted by Susan Tomasetti, entitled “made it!” (http:// FamilyJacob/ photo#5100985262214146130) enter

For virtually all of the unmodified images I either had license through subscription, secured permission to use them, or they were in the public domain. A large majority of the images come a paid subscription service, (and its predecessor ArtToday). In instances where I do not have permission, I made an effort to contact copyright holders to seek it. If an unlicensed image was found on an internet site, I have provided a link to that site.

The software programs noted below were used in creating and processing the media, information, and image content of The Canine In Conversation. Inevitably, the capacities and limits of these programs, not to mention the sensibilities of the coders who created them, have shaped the nature of my work.

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by Alec MacLeod 2001-2008  Dogmatic Technologies Oakland Creative Commons unless otherwise expressly stated, all original material of whatever nature created by Alec MacLeod and included in The Canine in Conversation and any related pages, is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Please read the Terms of Use Agreement by Alec MacLeod Dogmatic Technologies