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Bark Unleashed: The Bark is the voice of modern dog culture. It is both the acclaimed print magazine and an online forum, Bark Unleashed. The Bark brings readers a literate and entertaining approach to canine culture through essays, stories, poetry, reviews, interviews, and artwork. The Bark offers fresh viewpoints on emerging social and behavioral issues, ideas on health, recreation, and activism--while focusing on the relationship between humans and dogs.

logo for American Sociological Assoc Animals and Society American Sociological Association Section on Animals and Society. The purpose of the Section is to encourage and support the development of theory, research and teaching about the complex relationships that exist between humans and other animals. In the process, it is anticipated that the light we shed on these issues will increase the well-being of both humans and other animals.
Anthrozoos International Society for Anthrozoology. Dramatic changes in people's attitudes towards animals and their treatment have occurred in the last 20-30 years. In almost every sphere of animals use people are re-examining and re-evaluating their relationships with animals and the natural world. This process has, in turn, stimulated a growing scientific and scholarly interest in the new field of Anthrozoology: the study of the interactions between human and non-human animals.
photograph of Donna Haraway Donna Haraway, Avenali Lecture Fall 2003 - From Cyborgs to Companion Species: Dogs, People, and Technoculture Webcast: The live event was held on September 16, 2003 in the Morrison Room, Doe Library, UC Berkeley. In terms of research, writing, and teaching, Donna Haraway is one of the most important practitioners in a field broadly defined as science studies. She holds associate memberships in Anthropology, Environmental Studies, and Women's Studies.
image for who let the dogs out Who let the dogs out: the dog in contemporary Australian art. This is a link to the curatorial essay by Merryn Gates, entitled, A long story in short bites. "Recently the inter-species relationship – some may say love affair – between man and dog has been scrutinised with academic rigour. The emerging disciplines of evolutionary biology, animal-human interaction, animal psychology, and animal-assisted therapy are supported by a growing body of scientific literature."
ad for exhibit: Dogs, wolf, myth, hero, friend Dogs: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend: An exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. "Today, dogs enhance the lives of millions in countless ways, but they are also some of humans' oldest friends. Ancient clues like cave paintings and burials reveal that dogs and people have lived together for thousands of years. But why have humans formed such close relationships with dogs, and not cows or chickens? DOGS: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend sniffs out the facts on dogs and explores what makes the human/dog relationship so unique."
iconography Clever Dogs and Nimble Spaniels: on the Iconography of Logic,Invention,and Imagination by Karl Josef Höltgen. In the verbal imagery and visual representation of some intellectual and artistic key concepts such as logic, dialectic, invention, and imagination, dogs play an important part. Why? In exploring this question Höltgen's aim is not a study of the mind and behaviour of dogs but a modest contribution to intellectual history.
wikipedia logo List of Dogs: An annotated list of what Wikipedia subscribers have determined to be "real" dogs. The list has two categories:
  • Those notable in their own right such as actors, dogs in science or space travel or war, and so on.
  • Those dogs notable because they are associated withy famous people such as actors, musicians and politicians.
wikipedia logo List of Fictional Dogs: An annotated list of what Wikipedia subscribers have determined to be "fictional" dogs. Categories include: Dogs in Literature, Dogs in Film, Dogs on the Radio, Dogs in Television, Dogs in animation and puppetry, Dogs in song, Dogs in Video Games, and Dogs in Comics.
wikipedia logo List of Mythological Dogs: An annotated list of what Wikipedia subscribers have determined to be "mythological" dogs. They are drawn from a variety of cultural traditions: Aztec, Basque, Catalan, Chinese, English, Greek, Inuit, Irish, Japanese, Mexican, Norse, Scandinavian, Scottish, Welsh.
icon for animals & society The Animals and Society Institute is not about dogs per se, however it is a good resource for perspectives about dog and human relationships. It is a nonprofit, independent research and educational organization that advances the status of animals in public policy, and promotes the study of human-animal relationships. The ASI seeks to advance institutional change for animals by helping to establish the moral and legal rights fundamental to a just, compassionate and peaceful society.
dogs connections Dogs Connections is a labor of love by reference librarian Judith Van Noate. The focus is on dogs in the arts (visual, performing, literary, etc.), training and behavior, selected veterinary and health links, and rescue. It includes links to NPR stories, dog blogs, toys, antique dog photographs, and all kinds of doggish things.
logo for famous brings to you the most Famous Dogs from Film and TV past and present! Ever saw a Dog in a Film and wondered what Breed it was? Can't Remember the name of a Dog in you Favorite TV show? Just want to bring back some memories and see photos of the best loved furry canines around the world? is aimed at all you Dog Lovers who want to know more about Famous Dogs.
logo for names of famous dogs Famous Dog Names: The list is of notable dogs of film, TV, books, comics, and politics.  Being notable, of course, is subjective.  So there may be lesser known dogs who some might think should be included here.  One criterion for inclusion here is the availability of an image of the dog.
logo for the Presidential Pet Museum The Presidential Pet Museum was founded in 1999 as a repository and means of preserving information, artifacts, and items related to the Presidential Pets. The Museum is now open to the public for all to view and enjoy. Over 500 items of interest are displayed for lovers of pets, Presidents and pet trivia. These include other pets besides dogs, of course.
logo for Index of Famous Dogs Index of Famous Dogs: Put together, but no longer updated, by Misha Lunchbox as a part of her Citizen Lunchbox web site. She says that this "Index of Famous Dogs throughout history, both in reality and in fiction" was originally started as "a guide for naming one's pets (okay, my pets), the indexes of famous animals have grown into a pretty hefty reference material... This is not to be considered a complete list, nor can i account for the accuracy of all the information here."
share your dog tales Bark Beta Dogs: Share Your Dog Tales A place to share tales about your dogs and your dogs tales about you. Dogs are funny and we all could use a good laugh from time to time. Dogs are heroic. Do you have a heroic dog story that you would like to share? Pretend that your dog is telling a funny story about you. How would your dog describe you and your family? Does your dog think you are funny? Compiled and hosted by Bonnie Tomek. Some great images as well.
dog hause The Dog Hause: Animal Idioms and Expressions A nice collection of animal sayings organized by animal collected by Holly M. Bowers. She provides the sources as well, which is much appreciated.
dogwork Dogwork: Live Work & Play With Your Dog. There's a lot we humans can learn from dogs. If you live your life by the same philosophy that dogs do, you will be much better off in life In the wild, animals fight only for two things, not a fancy car, not clothes or jewelry, they just fight for food or a mate, everything else they get after that is just pure happiness.
icon for Dogs in the News: Unfortunately no longer kept up to date.
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