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the logo for the California State Lottery
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lucky dog. A person of good fortune, usually one considered so by others.

This appears to be a propitious dog reference, though it is sometimes used to imply that the good fortune may not have been deserved or acquired through devious means. And, given that a dog's chance is a rather slim one, perhaps a lucky dog is one who really has beaten the odds. In analyzing the 1995 deal for broadcasting Major League Baseball games, Richard Sandomir of the New York Times makes this explicit: “If you are Major League Baseball, you are one lucky dog. You have done nothing right on the business side for years, but Fox, CBS, ABC/ESPN and Turner have all been competing for pieces of your future.”reference 1

The Lucky Dog is the title of the first film in which Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appeared together.


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About the illustration: This is the logo for the California State Lottery. The odds of doing well in this gambling venue are pretty slim, so best take your chances elsewhere.
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