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photograph of Abraham Lincoln's doctor
figure 1  
photograph of Abraham Lincoln's dog
figure 2  


Lincoln's doctor's dog. An archaic reference in the publishing industry to the notion that the way to ensure a book is a bestseller is to write about Lincoln, dogs, or doctors. This prompted one author to title his book which is about publishing in the 1930s Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog.reference 1

Also ALDD, pronounced “Aldy” (Abe Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog). A descriptive term for a movie or show (or even a character) cobbled together from whatever’s popular at the time.

This term is used in the 1971 Disney megahit Barefoot Executive. Kurt Russell’s character decides that because television shows about Lincoln, doctors, and dogs are popular, a show about Lincoln’s doctor’s dog will be a hit.reference 2

OK, OK, so it wasn’t even a hit, much less a megahit. Once again conventional wisdom turns out to be wrong.

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About the illustrations: Figure 1 shows the Lincoln family physician, Dr. Robert King Stone. Figure 2 is Fido, Abe’s dog. Both photographs are in the public domain because the copyright has expired.

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