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baseball players in a pile around home plate
figure 1  


dogpile. (verb) To leap on top of someone, of groups of people, or individuals.reference 1


puppies piled on top of one another
figure 2  

Perhaps this term arises from the tendency of puppy litters to sleep in a pile, all atop one another, or to climb over each other in an effort to suckle. Older dogs seem less likely to pile up in this way. Figures 1 and 2 show the similarities.



1. Lighter, J. E., and Random House (Firm). 1994. Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang. 1st ed. New York: Random House.

Animation of Arfie, Dogpile's mascot
figure 3  
Dogpile. (search engine) Dogpile is a metasearch engine that “fetches” results from About, Ask, FindWhat, Google, LookSmart, MSN, Teoma, Yahoo!, and several other popular search engines, including audio and video. Like Ask, Dogpile hopes to tap into that sense of dogs as faithful servants, fetching information on the net instead of the paper off the sidewalk.
About the illustrations: Figure 1: The Oxford (H.S.) Chargers of Oxford Mississippi celebrate after a victory against Pearl in the 2002 state quarterfinals by dogpiling. Photograph by Jerry Griffin, used by permission.

Figure 2 shows a typical pile of puppies. Photo taken by Jackie Woods owner and breeder at Tanimara Great Pyrenees ( Used by permission.

Figure 3 shows a version of Arfie, Dogpile's dalmation mascot. This work is copyrighted and unlicensed. I believe that the use of this work in the article “Dogpile” to illustrate the subject in question where no free equivalent is available or could be created that would adequately give the same information qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. Other uses of this image may constitute copyright infringement.
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