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a dog shaped like an erect phallus
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dog. (penis) A human penis.

This usage is quite old, according to J.E. Lighter, going back to at least 1600. He quotes Wardroper's Love & Drollery: “Will you buy a fine dog with a hole in its head?/With a dildo, with a dildo....”reference 1 Can't say that I have heard it that much. But then, I have found that to be true of many of these terms. It appears in such references to male masturbation as “beat [or flog] the dog” Similar though it may sound, this phrase is distinctly different in meaning than “kick the dog.”

1. Lighter, J. E., and Random House (Firm). 1994. Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang. 1st ed. New York: Random House.



About the illustration: This is Boner the Dog, one of the Wackie Weenies™ “hilarious, irreverent plush animals,” all of which are shaped like penises. The full set includes “Shake,” the one eyed snake, “Spank,” the monkey, and “Choke,” the chicken, reminding us that many different animals are used in references to this portion of the human male anatomy. This image appears by permission of Barb Colgan. Wackie Weenies: Adult Plush Animals.
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kick the dog
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