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dogcow. An actual computer icon. Macintosh used it to show an image's orientation on the page. The original dogcow was nicknamed Clarus. Part dog and part cow, it Moofs when clicked. Those who know the dogcow cherish it. When dropped in the first version of Mac OS X, users noticed, and were unhappy. Very unhappy. The dogcow is back.

If you are really in the know then you know about the infamous Apple Technote 31 which includes a description of the icon.reference 1

1. Wikipedia contributors. 2009. Dogcow. Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Accessed Dec 18 2009 from wiki/Dogcow.

About the illustration: Figure 1 is the icon itself. Created by graphic artist Susan Kare as a part of the Cairo font, the dogcow image and Moof are trademarks of Apple.reference 2 2. Ibid.
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