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man in football jersey with a dog mask on holding a bone over his head
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Dawg Pound, The. A specially designated space for fans of various sports teams, most notably the Cleveland Browns professional football team. Fans dress up as dogs and bark during the game. Those seated in this section are among the most rabid and vociferous fans.

The set of the syndicated late-night talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show, had an area at the stage left of the band designated as the “dog pound” where a group of guests would sit and cheer Hall with barks (“Woof,” “Woof,” “Woof!”) while circling their fists above their heads. Hall grew up in Cleveland.reference 1



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About the illustration: This clip from an AP photo depicts a happy “dawg” welcoming home the “Browns.” You can see he is holding up a “bone.”reference 2 2. Associated Press. 1999. Dawgpound091299. SportsLine. Accessed Oct 31 2001 from http:/ / images/football/nfl/ 1999/week01/ dawgpound091299.jpg.
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