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A blue hound encirlced by a the words 'Blue Dog Conservative Democrat' on a red background
figure 1  


Blue Dog Democrat. A politician of a specific conservative bent who is a member of the Democratic Party in the U.S. South.

In order to understand what a Blue Dog Democrat, or a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, is, you have to understand what a Yellow Dog Democrat is. The story is that the Blue Dogs are former Yellow Dogs who were, in the words of Representative Chris John of Louisiana's seventh congressional district, “choked blue.”reference 1 Resistant to suffocation as they were, the Blue Dogs apparently just had to take a stand and be the kind of southern conservatives that they are. Perhaps this means that they will vote for a yellow dog only if it shares their ideology. I think the moral is to let dogs be dogs.

1. John, Chris. 2001. The Blue Dog Coalition. United States. House of Representatives. Accessed Sept 3 2001 from http:// welcome.htm.

About the illustration: Representative John has a wonderfully homemade set of web pages on the subject, complete with barking dog .wav file. I don't have a clue who designed the logo for the coalition, but I must say that the pooch does not look especially happy to me. This United States Congress image is in the public domain. This is because it has been released into the public domain and posted on the official web sites of a member of Congress.
cf: Yellow Dog Democrat; Red Dog Democrat Last updated: February 23, 2009
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