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bitch hook. A specific kind of hook attached to a chain to secure lumber.reference 1

After Grant Barrett posted this definition on the Double-Tongued Dictionary one of the commentators suggested that, Given the use of the term in logging, French “buche” (= “log”) is a far more likely origin than “beche”. Pronunciation’s closer, too.reference 2 Barrett was unconvinced as am I. A perusal of the “dog” terms listed in the Dictionary of American Regional English suggests that loggers used dog as a part of the name of a great many tools, as in the cant or peavey hooks which are often referred to as dogs or dog hooks.


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About the illustration: Figure 1 may or may not have a bitch hook. According to the Village Peddler it is an “Antique Vintage Logging Hook Chain Log Farm Tool” Used by permission.  
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