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two people at a table with oen envelopes and pages marked with red. The man looks glum, his face in his hands, the woman is reading something.
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bitch. (situation) When “it's” a bitch, typically “it” refers to a circumstance or situation that is experienced as a hardship. The existential “bitch” of situation is summed up in the saying, “Life is a bitch and then you die.”

Of course, just because situations are not specifically gendered does not mean that the derogation of women is absent. Bitches are difficult women and so when life is a bitch, it is treating one with surliness and petty—perhaps capricious—punishments. No doubt you have every right to bitch about it.




About the illustration: Here is a couple facing overdue bills, a situation that is definitely a bitch. © 2008 Jupiterimages Corporation.
see also: bitch (female); bitch (male); bitch (verb); bitchin'; son of a bitch Last updated: June 21, 2008
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