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These sections address the use of dog references in the naming of things such as plants, animals, insects, places, and people. These uses may reflect similarities in appearance such as prairie dogs looking like the familiar domestic dog or Calvin Broadus's supposed resemblance to Snoopy. The names may simply arise from an association with dogs, as with dogflies. Or the name may be a corruption of a doglike term, as is the case with dogwood: this tree’s name is believed to be a corruption of an old Celtic word, dag or dagga, sharing the same root as “dagger.” Much of this naming is relatively straightforward; simple listing and—where known—the origins are provided. In other cases, the significance may be deeper and is discussed at length. It is not my intent to make the lists comprehensive, though every effort has been made to include all significant examples. I have also included some dogs (largely fictional) who have themselves become iconic reference points.

Last updated: January 17, 2010
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